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Airplane travel has evolved over the last decade and now can be a daily form of travel for some. Although vehicle accidents happen more frequently, aviation accidents, injury lawyer , can injure a large amount of people and many times can be fatal.Aviation Accident Law Firm – Finch McCranie LLP


There are several things that can cause an aviation accident including air traffic controller negligence, maintenance or repair negligence, pilot error, and/or defectively designed aircraft. Finch McCranie is experienced in handling Aviation Accidents.

If you or a family member has been injured or killed in a plane crash, please contact us for a free case consultation.Atlanta Aviation Accident Lawyer For personal injury, Plane Crashes, and Aircraft Accidents

Aviation is typically broken out into two different segments: civil aviation and military aviation. Civil Aviation includes commercial airliners, commuter planes, helicopters, corporate jets and smaller personal aircraft. When filing an aviation lawsuit, several different areas of the law can come into consideration including state and federal law along with federal acts, treaties and regulations. In particular, the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) provide the minimum operating guidelines for aircraft, airlines and those employed in the aviation area, for example pilot conduct and air traffic controllers.

Additional laws may also apply depending upon who is named as a defendant in the lawsuit. For example, the Federal Tort Claims Act may apply if a suit is filed against certain branches of the federal government or certain federal employees. If an accident occurred on an international flight or against a foreign airline carrier, the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act or other treaties may apply. Because one of the contributing factors of an air crash could be a component part of the aircraft, products liability law may also be applicable. Our attorneys have experience in aviation litigation and products liability litigation.Contact Finch McCranie an Airplane Accident Attorney located in Atlanta, Georgia

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